Unlimited Free & Fast VPN

SkyVPN is a total free VPN app. There are two different services for the users of SkyVPN: basic and premium. The basic service is absolute free but there exit some limits, such as popup ads. Although this is some limits in free service, we still keep a high quality service. The premium service offers unlimited session time and more stable and faster global servers without any ads. The most important thing is SkyVPN provides the highest possible quality for both basic and premium service users. The basic one is good enough for normal daily use and it is totally free. The premium one is another higher level service. It has high speed and stable connection without any pop-up ads, and provides global servers for VPN users. Moreover, You can choose from plenty of servers worldwide, and there are clients for all the main desktop and mobile platforms. You can pick your server locations from US, UK, HK, Germany, Japan, France, South Korea, Singapore, etc You can choose the Basic VPN service with no cost or enjoy Premium servers for free. Besides, you can even earn the free premium traffic for unlimited session time, enjoy a better net as well as shield your IP with the premium VPN servers. There exist lots of methods for users to earn unlimited free traffic which can be used in premium service.

Method 1: Invite Friends Invite your friends to use SkyVPN, and you will get 1 GB premium traffic reward for each installed user. Share SkyVPN on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, then you will earn 200 MB premium traffic. Sharing is earning! Invite your friends to enjoy a world without WiFi restriction together!

Method 2: Daily Check-in If you are diligent in opening the SkyVPN every day, you will earn at least 25 MB each day through daily check-in. After you have reached the level of star user (above 2 stars), you will gain even more traffic from daily check-in.

Method 3: Completing Offers Completing offers is the fastest way to earn unlimited free vpn traffic. When you download sponsored apps or take a survey, you will earn several hundred MB. What’s more, there is no limit of offers that you can complete in a day. Bear in mind, more pay for more work. Method 4: Watching Videos You can watch a short video to earn some free traffic every time. SkyVPN will reward each short video you watch. The more advertising videos you watch, the more traffic you will earn. Method 5:I’m Feeling Lucky SkyVPN provides a lucky entry for you to test your luck. Tap it and receive your lucky bonus traffic every day. Feeling so good! With so many methods that we provide to earn free traffic, that is to say, you totally access a free vpn as well as unlimited traffic.