Unblock All Webs & Apps

SkyVPN is a Free and Fast VPN for you to access all blocked websites and unblock apps at school, workplace or even on the road. SkyVPN allows you to enjoy your favorite games, videos and social networking apps & sites anywhere, anytime without WiFi restrictions. No matter it is internet censorship or firewalls, SkyVPN could work well without any issue. One of the most popular features for VPN services is to access geographically-restricted entertainment applications like Netflix or Kodi, which might have geographical restrictions in their services. Now if you are a stream amateur, but cannot access these websites to watch your favorite TV shows or movies, what would you do? Do not be worried, here is a simple solution. Help yourself to get a VPN service. SkyVPN will offer you 12 VPN servers from different countries and regions. You can switch to different servers as much as you like. For instance, if you wanna switch to US server, you can pick the US server and it allows you to bypass firewalls and restrictions in your own country and allow you access to the internet from US region. After that, you are unrestricted accessing to Hulu, Netflix and other streaming websites. SkyVPN lets you access different music and movie channels everywhere even when you are traveling. For traveller, if you need to order something for home, but you are outside your country, you're often out of luck. Most shopping services will route you to the local version of their online store. If you're trying to order something you want delivered to your house, just open SkyVPN, once again pick the server to your home region, and order as if you were sitting on your couch. Furthermore, you can use VOIP by VPN in some countries which ban VOIP services, such as Skype, Viber. On this occasion, you can use your VPN to help out. Simply tunnel back to a server in your home region, then open Skype, and call away to enjoy the calling time.