Surf anonymously and privately, security & private

Everyone should use a VPN, even if only to protect their privacy and security online. Luckily, there are almost unlimited VPN download options out there. Every device on a network own a unique identifier as your personal ID. It consists by a series of numbers which make the connection between your devices and others on the internet. According to the IP, others can find your device. What’s more, a static IP address may be exposed your physical location, and someone can find you in really life. How does a VPN work for hiding your IP address? SkyVPN will mask your real IP address before it can be seen webs and give you a new IP address which you can choose from one of eleven different regions. SkyVPN has a military grade security system to protect users’ privacy and security. It owns much stronger protection than standard IPSEC/SSL/TLS... because we do protect the privacy of SkyVPN users by combining the very strong and very dynamic Authentication, Authorization and Encryption per user and per session at multiple layers. Your data will be encrypted so that your personal IP and location will always be protected and anonymous. You can surf anonymously and privately without any tracking or monitor. SkyVPN secures your browsing records and private account information, when your device is connected to public WiFi hotspots or airport utility. You can switch to different servers as much as you like. For instance, if you wanna switch to US server, you can pick the US serve and it allow you to bypass firewalls and restrictions in your own country and allow you access to internet from US region. The most significant thing for you is SkyVPN can hide you IP address and keep your physical location secret and prevent you from being hacked and tracked online and keep you online secure and private. With SkyVPN, you will own a security environment to surf online and put your online privacy back into your hands. As we know the personal information is very significant to everyone, and SkyVPN can guarantee that we will never betray our users to sell any information of them and SkyVPN, to some extent, shames of this behavior. Security-conscious users will be glad to know that the service also does well in the security front, offering multiple protocol support, 256-bit AES encryption, and more. A strict policy against the collection of both connection and activity logs should mean your data stays private and safe.