SkyVPN-Unlimited FREE VPN, totally free forever

SkyVPN offers two services for users to enjoy VPN:

1. The Basic service: free, USA server only

2. The Premium service: Unlimited session time, global servers, and faster & more stable

You can earn unlimited premium traffic by spending several minutes every day completing simple tasks. The more tasks you complete, the more premium traffic you can earn.

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    Even Check-in can earn you free traffic! Easy!

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    Watching videos

    Ads are everywhere: on the TV, in the newspaper…. But SkyVPN is the only one that rewards you for every short ad you watch. The more advertising videos you watch, the more free traffic you get. Just cannot get enough of it!

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    Completing offers

    Completing offers is the fastest way to earn unlimited free traffic. By downloading sponsored apps or taking surveys, you will be able to enjoy top SkyVPN service without spending a penny.

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    Referring friends

    Invite your friends to use SkyVPN and get free traffic rewards for each invited friend. Sharing is earning!

** Extra Bonus. Signup and activate a SkyVPN account and get 1GB free Data. **
(For new accounts only.)

User Review

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    James W

    “This is an incredible app! I mean you are earning traffic for real just by watching videos and completing offers! How cool is that!!”

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    Kelly K

    “Just love how I can earn traffic by watching videos and other stuff! I've used this app on several phones and it worked on all of them great!”

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    Muhamad S

    “I absolutely love it. Earn real traffic by checking in daily, watching short videos and view ads. Really free.”