SkyVPN for Mac & PC

SkyVPN, such a great powerful VPN, has the ability to bypass all kinds of firewall blocks. More than that, the developers of SkyVPN are always devoted ourselves to fighting with firewalls and providing users Internet freedom. Therefore, SkyVPN has earned high praise among more than 3000,000 users. Apart from iOS & Android App Version, SkyVPN also performance well in PC Desktop. It is extremely easy to connect to VPN server with SkyVPN Mac & PC version to access to any contents and browsers fleetly and securely. The Mac version is not only as powerful, fast and stable as the mobile version, but also has some advantages over other VPN service for Mac & PC: Across multiple devices Support for personal and log-in data across multiple devices. Users can login on their Mac with the same account on the mobile device, that is, no need to create additional account for Mac & PC. One account can be used on 5 devices at the same time, and sharing one account traffic accessibly. Unlimited and even free If users have already got unlimited traffic plan on mobile devices, they can enjoy unlimited VPN service on Mac & PC directly for free to surf the Internet, watch videos, play games and so on.